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nterim government, several legal experts have questioned whether the law that allows a prime minister to remain in office under indictment is applicable to him.This matter has yet to be settled a▓nd leaves many question marks about the legality of giving ▓Netanyahu the mandate to form a government."This is a sad and difficult day," said Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, as he announced the decision. "It was a difficult decision for me. I decided this with a heavy but confident heart."Neta▓nyahu, Israel's longest serving lead▓er, is now in a difficult position. After two failed attempts to form a government, the ▓heavy weight of an indictment has the pote▓ntial of crippling him when he is trying to recruit po▓tential coalition partners.Netanyahu currently leads a bloc▓ of right-wing and ultra-orthodox Jewish parties who have